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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a noninvasive test that uses a magnetic field and radio frequency waves to produce detailed images of soft tissue (such as tendons, ligaments and muscles), bone and other anatomical structures. The test involves no radiation and is safe for most patients. MRI is one of the best tests in advanced medical imaging for an accurate diagnosis for your physician to determine your course of care.

At Advanced Orthopedic Spinecare, we offer the latest MRI technology:

  • Wide bore MRI to ensure patient comfort and ease for claustrophobic patients

  • High field magnet for quality imaging and faster scans

  • Offers feet first MRIs on most anatomy

  • Compassionate care to all patients

  • Quality scans and superior service

  • Accommodates larger patients with 500-pound capacity

  • All radiologists are board certified and sub-specialty trained


The MRI technologist will position you on the table and make sure you are as comfortable as possible prior to starting the scan. Exams can be as short as 25 minutes or over an hour depending on the exam ordered. If you are claustrophobic, please inform the technologist and they will make you feel more at ease.


Claustrophobic patients can also request a prescription to be filled by your pharmacy prior to the MRI. The magnet is permanently open at both ends and there is an intercom system through which the technologist and patient can communicate. When the MRI is taking the images, it will produce a loud noise. Earplugs or music will be provided during the exam to decrease the noise. Patients can also bring a CD or hook an iPod up to our radio.


If you have aneurysm clips, a pacemaker or certain other mechanical implants in your body, then you will not be able to have an MRI. Please inform the technologist of any implants in your body to ensure your safety. All valuables and jewelry should be left at home. You will be asked to remove any metal from your body before entering the MRI room. If possible, wear clothing without any snaps, zippers or buttons. A gown will be provided to patients who are not dressed appropriately for the exam. During the exam it is important to hold still from start to finish; this will ensure the best quality images and proper diagnosis for the patient.

Our MRI is accredited by the American College of Radiology.

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